What to Expect

Individual and/or family counseling sessions focused on your unique needs

The opportunity to develop skills that can assist in making long term changes 

Caring and experienced therapists who are ready to listen to your conerns and work on your goals

Convenient appointments when and where they work for you 

We work with teens and young adults throughout Central Ohio

We can help prevent a crisis before it happens.

If problems with you are getting too challenging to manage on your own, we invite you to come and talk to us. We can give you skills and tips to keep life stressors from getting too difficult to manage.

We use what’s right to solve what’s wrong.

Everyone has challenges. But everyone has strengths, too. We’ll help you find your strong points and use them to work on identified areas in treatment.

We partner with you for the long-term.

Typically, we work with young people for six months to a year. We meet once a week for forty-five minutes to an hour. Your therapist will continue to work with you until you feel like you have met your goals.

What you say is confidential.

What you tell us during your sessions is confidential. The only exception is if you tell us that you have plans to hurt yourself or someone else, and you are unable to work with us to keep everyone safe. If you are under the age of 18, we also have to report if someone has or is hurting you. Many times, young people tell us things that we think are important for a parent or guardian to hear. In these cases, we encourage the teen to talk with their parent or guardian, and we are always able to help with that conversation, if our clients would like.

We Work To Make Therapy Cost Effective

Currently, we accept all forms of Medicaid insurance. We receive ADAMH funding to help pay for services for eligible individuals without insurance that live in Franklin County and meet income limits. We also have a self-pay option for those that do not want/are unable to use their insurance for counseling services.